Choosing the right field management software is not an easy task. It is especially true given the number of software in the market. Consider the following four practices when you are in search of field service management software.

1. Become familiar with the technology

The first thing is to know the technology before you even buy it. It will surprise you just how many features the FSM offers. Knowing about the capabilities of FSM will help you to choose the right software. The FSM tool will come in handy to enable you to coordinate the tasks like vehicle tracking, and dispatching. Majority of the products have features such as:

• Job tracking

• Automatic scheduling

• Quote management

• GPS navigation

• Mobile access] work order management

• Billing and invoicing

2. Get the help of technicians

Make sure that you consult your technicians before buying the software. They will evaluate the business processes and identify the software the software that handles those operations. Involving the technicians will give you an easy time. You will have a higher chance of buying the appropriate software for your business needs. It is advisable to get the support of the vendor’s customers. They can help you know if you have chosen the right product or not.

3. Mobile needs

In the field management operations, there is need to have mobility. Mobility enables you to improve technician efficiency, reduce the billing cycles and get real-time updates. If you buy the software that is complicated, then the chances are high that it will not be possible to update it from the field. Thus, your technicians will have a hard time using the software. You should provide your team with mobile tools that allow them to update the status of the job from anywhere. Having a dedicated mobile app will make it possible for the technicians to update the job status. In case you do not buy an FSM without a mobile app, you need to get one that has a mobile-friendly interface.

4. Budget

The price of the FSM differs from one provider to the next. There are providers who have free versions with only basic functionalities. If you choose the free version, you will have to pay if you need other features like updates, technical support. Knowing the pricing model will help you determine your budget for the field service management software. Some of the factors that affect the cost include company size, number of users, business trends, mobility, set up fees and deployment type.

The field service management software should enable you to reduce cost. Meet your company’s goals and improve the cash flow. If you need to get more from your investment, then you should be sure that everybody is familiar with the new system.


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