When it really comes down to it, every single business is really about speed, quality, and effectiveness of communication, whether this is with customers or staff members. The biggest challenge that many companies face is that they tend to focus on improving communication with customers, but forget about internal communication with staff. The good news is that field service management software can help in this area.

1. Staff and Job Scheduling

For many companies, one the biggest challenges is managing jobs when technicians are out on the road. Many companies have employees who are out on the road all day attending to jobs. Just think about electricians as a good example of this.

When staff are out on the road like this, they need good communication with HQ in order to know exactly what jobs are coming up and in what order. They also need to know when there are important changes to jobs and other messages.

Field service management software allows real-time communication between staff out on the road and HQ. This way, everyone is on the same page when it comes to jobs scheduling, and technicians can report back with any customer concerns or other issues.

2. Stock Control

It is crucial for many businesses to know at any given time just how high or low their stock levels are. Knowing this can save time, money and headaches when it comes to ordering replacement stock or new product lines.

Field service software also allows for real-time updates on the usage of stock, including where it is being used. This feeds back into the ordering system automatically and makes stock control an easy process.

3. Accurate Employee Tracking

It is always good to know where technicians and other staff are at any given time during the working day. The problem is that there is often a breakdown in this kind of communication, and staff can go missing for hours at a time.

Field management software allows for real-time communication with staff, and it also provides GPS tracking so HQ has accurate updates on where any worker is at any given time during the day. This can really save a company money and also ensure that the team is all pulling in the same direction.

4. Improved Customer Care

Taking care of customers and attending to their needs is always critical in this kind of environment. Field management software allows technicians to update logs and records in real time with customer complaints and the status of the job, including any potential issues. This means that other technicians in the future can read through the notes and provide better service.


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