Any time you are dealing with packaging food, improper materials and testing could result in whatever you are handling being ruined. It is important to make sure you have the proper leak detection equipment in order to make sure everything is packaged and preserved properly. You want to make sure you conduct the proper tests, giving you the peace of mind from knowing that all the products you are handling will be taken care of. It is also important to make sure you know what kind of leak detection equipment is needed for the packaging you are using, providing the best possible results you can get.

1. Different kind of tests

There is a lot of different equipment and various tests that you can use depending on what kind of materials you are using. There is a bubble emission leak test procedure, there is dry chamber flexible packaging testing, altitude simulation seal integrity test methods, seal integrity test methods for vacuum packaging and semi or fully automatic control systems. With the right leak detection equipment, you will be able to make sure everything you are handling is packaged exactly as you need. As long as you know what methods are needed for your packaging, you can have all the confidence you need in the results.

2. Various products you can test for

With the right leak detection equipment, you will be able to test any kind of products that you may be concerned about. You can handle both flexible and rigid packaging. You will be able to test meat, seafood, cheese, snack food, coffee, cereal, grains, bakery, pet food, pasta, frozen food, soya and even medical and pharmaceutical packaging. You always want to make sure that any kind of packaging you are using is going to preserve the products that you are handing, and leak detection equipment allows you to test anything you may be concerned about.

3. How the tests are conducted

The execution of the tests is also important to make sure you get the proper results, but it is not something you should get tripped up on. The packaging will be placed in an acrylic vacuum chamber of water and once the lid is closed, the vacuum is engaged. Depending on your standards or requirements, you can choose different testing methods to make sure the quality is satisfactory. The test itself should not take more than a few seconds, giving you immediate results. These are tests that anyone is capable of conducting. If you get the leak detection equipment, you will be able to execute the tests.

4. Equipment for all products

Given that there are a lot of different methods and different kinds of packaging, you do not want to have to be using different machines for different situations. With the vacuum seal chamber leak detection equipment, you will be able to conduct all the different methods, no matter what the product is, and make sure you can get all the results you need without needing different equipment. The right leak detection equipment will make sure you know how to test all your packaging and accommodate as much as you need.

5. Get the results that you need

Proper packaging can threaten the integrity of all your products. Even if you are unsure as to whether or not the packaging itself will threaten the products it is preserving, you want to maintain a reputation of high quality. The only way to make sure you get the high-quality results you need every single time is with leak detection equipment. You want to make sure that the quality of your product is never threatened, and that the integrity of what you are packaging is not going to be questioned at any point in the process.


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