App development is very exciting, but it’s important that you complete all of the necessary phases to ensure that your development goes smoothly or you are likely to run into problems and see your work and development stalled. Understanding the following five phases and following them will more likely result in your being successful when developing a new app.

1. Strategy

The first phase allows you to understand what kind of success that you want for your app and how you are going to achieve your goals. Without fully understanding the purpose of your app and what you want the end result to be when your app is developed, you will struggle to create an app that will meet your needs. Without a clear strategy, you will likely find that you are pushed and pulled in different directions and that you have problems focusing your efforts.

2. Design

But once you understand what the app is going to achieve, you can move forward to actually designing it. It’s important that you take into consideration the experience of the user so that you can be sure that the interface will be reliable, it will function correctly, and perform the way that it is supposed to. Make sure that you consider who will be using your app, as well as whether it will be used on a tablet or a smartphone so that you can optimize the appearance.

3. Development

Development is a fairly tricky and advanced stage, as it involves the actual creation of your new app. Make sure that you work hard to create an app that is not buggy, as once you have left the development stage it is much more difficult to go back and make repairs. Additionally, your customers and users will expect you to spend enough time in this phase to ensure that the final app that they enjoy is of good quality. It’s important that you hire developers who are willing to communicate with you about problems or changes in your app and will work hard to bring your vision to life.

4. Marketing

Once your app has been created, you will need to make sure that you do everything possible to make it stand out from all of the other available apps on the market. There are a number of ways to market your app, and working with a professional is the best way to ensure that you are reaching as many people as possible. Some ways to market your app include through email outreach, outreach through a blog, connecting with users through social media, and marketing it in the app store.

5. Maintenance

Once your app has been released it’s important that you perform any necessary maintenance on a regular basis to keep it working properly and to ensure that your customers are happy. This involves making changes to security, updating its speed, and preventing it from crashing. Stable apps that are reliable are much more likely to be downloaded and used on a regular basis. Addressing concerns and problems quickly is a good way to keep your customers happy.


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