Leak detection equipment, used for detecting leaks in food packaging, is an important part of preparing food products for sale to the public. This equipment is specially designed to help test the integrity of food packaging being used to protect food that is being distributed. There are multiple different types of leak detection which are optimal for different types of packaging, but regardless of the type of packaging or the type of detection being used, this leak detection equipment is important for many reasons.

1. Keeping the customer safe

Food-borne illnesses are incredibly common in Canada. In fact, there are about 4 million cases recorded each year from multiple known and unknown bacteria, parasites, and viruses. One of the most important reasons for using leak detection equipment on food packaging is to make sure that the food does not become contaminated or rotten before being consumed by the customer.

If the food packaging is not in tact, invisible but harmful substances could get inside and get into the food which could make customers very ill or even cause death. Knowing the packaging is in tact can assure the producer that their product is safe for sale and consumption by the general public, and that it will not make their customers sick.

2. Keeping the food fresh

The type of packaging that is used for food often plays a big role in how long it can stay fresh for. Especially when it comes to perishable food items, having solid, leak-proof packaging is key to ensuring the food item keeps its longest shelf life. Using leak detection equipment is the best way to ensure that the packaging is going to remain in tact and allow the food to stay good long enough to make it through the entire process from delivery to consumption.

3. Keeping the producer legally responsible

It is legally up to the producer to do everything in their power to ensure their product is safe for consumption. Since having leak detection equipment is one method that can be used to assure the producer that their products are safe, if there ever was a legal issue concerning the products sold, the leak detection equipment could stand as proof that the producer was doing their due diligence to ensure the safety of their product for consumption. That is assuming that the leak detection equipment was actually being used and was being used properly.

4. Keeping waste down

If food goes bad due to ineffective packaging, it must be thrown out. Having leak detection equipment to test food packaging means less waste – in every part of the process. Less waste of resources creating food products that will simply be thrown out, less waste of packaging, less waste of food, and less waste of employee time and energy.

This is also a really great way for producers to show they are trying to lower their carbon footprint by creating less waste. Leak detection equipment is an effective way to lower waste, and it is not a costly solution whatsoever.

5. Keeping costs down

Because ineffective packaging causes so much waste, it also causes a raise in costs. If an item is thrown out or returned due to faulty packaging, that means the producer still had to pay for the resources to create that item, but never received money for it. Of course, companies always allow for a margin of damaged goods, but leak detection equipment ensures that this margin remains low. By implementing this cost-effective solution for faulty packaging, the producer is able to save money in all the same areas that are affected negatively by wasted goods.


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