The calibration done on your equipment will be as good as the service provider you hire. Make a list of all the elements that you consider essential so that you don’t forget when speaking to your service provider. Ask your calibrations service provider these seven questions before making the final hiring decision.

1. Are you experienced in calibrating equipment similar to mine?

It is crucial to understand the parameters that you will need to test for every project. That way, you will be able to find a calibration service provider that suits your application. Remember that each measuring equipment works differently and can be used for a variety of applications.

2. How long will it take to calibrate my equipment?

Planning for calibrations downtime is critical when it comes to managing projects. You want to know how long it will take to calibrate your equipment, especially if some tools need to be sent to the lab. Tell your potential calibrations service provider to provide you a time estimate if they will need to repair and adjust your equipment.

3. How many tools can you calibrate?

You need to know upfront what a calibrating company can handle and what it cannot handle. That way, you will not waste time scheduling different calibrations for a few measuring tools. No one wants to find out that the work was incomplete after the deadline has passed.

4. Do you have an accredited lab?

Accreditation gives the validity of calibrations. You want to be sure that everyone involved in the process holds a valid license. The only way to meet standards is to work with highly skilled and trained calibrations professionals.

5. Can I trace calibrations?

You want a service provider that can meet calibrations standards in all phases. It is critical for companies that work under strict regulations. Traceability of calibrations is a crucial feature for any company that deals with measuring devices.

6. Do you store your calibrations digitally?

Government agencies and company officials will want to see the complete records for equipment when they will be auditing your accounts. As such, it is crucial to access files for the length of time you have used a measuring gadget on your premises. That will ensure you don’t fall into the wrong arm of the government.

7. Do you provide detailed reports?

Nothing frustrates than finding that the report given by your service provider contains only fundamental information. That way, you will struggle to answer questions that you don’t have correct answers. Ask your potential calibrations service provider to provide a sample report before you make your final hiring decision. Take time to select a reliable calibrations service provider. You need an accurate and dependable company that can meet all your calibrations needs.


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