Spring is the perfect time of year to prepare your data for a busy season. The more accurate and up-to-date the information is, the better your odds are at continuing to build positive customer relations. Below are seven tips for cleaning up your CRM for real estate data.

1. Perform a Complete Inspection of Data

Data collected over a period of time can become messy if it is not cleaned up some from time to time. Set aside a little time this spring to clean it all up and make sure you are looking good for a busy real estate season start.

2. Eliminate Bad Information

Hanging on to non-working phone numbers or incorrect emails take up valuable space on your computer. Remove any files that are woefully incomplete or incorrect. Having the wrong information can make you seem unprofessional to whoever receives your emails and calls. You can attempt to find the correct information, but do not spend too much time spinning your wheels.

3. Complete as Much Information as Possible

Add all of the necessary information to your contact list at the time. It will save you searching for it at a later date. If all you have is an email address or phone number, contact the individual and see if you can get more complete data.

4. Add Memory Notes

Using a Ixact real estate CRM for real estate will allow you to categorize your contacts and make special notations. It comes in handy to jog your memory. It is embarrassing to have someone contact you and not being able to remember about a previous meeting. You can make notations about where you came into contact, what was previously purchased, where their real estate interests lie, and more.

5. Develop a Sensible Marketing Strategy

Try and divide your contacts management into specific categories of real estate interest. An individual that purchases a single-family home might not have any interest in commercial property. Avoid blasting marketing emails to everyone about all types of real estate opportunities.

6. Monitor How Many Times You Make Contact

You need to find the right balance in contacting each person. You can easily alienate people if you constantly bombard them with information. Set a pace that seems comfortable for you and the people you are striving to cultivate business relationships with in the real estate market.

7. Limit Who Has the Data

If you have numerous real estate professionals in your office, limit how many people have the same CRM data. It can seem irritating for an individual to receive emails from several real estate experts about the same properties. It will end up seeming like spam rather than reaching out to offer them a valuable service.

CRM for real estate can prove helpful when kept up-to-date, clean, and orderly. Take the time to go through your data and make sure it is in good order.


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