Steel is used around the world in all sorts of building and construction projects in a great many countries. In fact, the demand for steel from rapidly developing countries like China has seen its use rise exponentially as a prime building material, especially for steel frames, foundations, and steel buildings.

1. A Very Strong and Durable Material

The fact is that steel is an incredibly strong and durable material. While many residential properties are still built using wood as the framework, there are a growing number of builders and developers who are turning to steel for framework construction because it is very strong and meant to last.

One example of the major benefits of steel in many countries is that it is actually inherently flexible under stress and pressure. This means that a steel building or a building that has a steel framework is more resistant to earthquakes and soil movement.

2. Steel Is Recyclable

In today’s environmentally conscious world, it is important that we recycle as many raw materials as possible for use in other projects and manufacturing. The recycling mentality and framework of the steel industry is actually very advanced. This means that when a building is demolished, the steel can be recycled and used for other purposes.

In world where we are so concerned about the environmental impact of materials and building and construction, steel actually represents an eco-friendly building material that can be used over and over again without a significant loss of resources.

3. Very Resistant to Fire

Apart from the fact that steel is flexible enough to resist major soil movement and earthquakes, it is also resistant to fire. There is a lot of research around how steel reacts under severe heat, and in many cases, the best steel will resist many types of building fire admirably. Though many properties still have wooden frames, such a move to steel frameworks provides a higher degree of safety, and is a prime choice for commercial establishments.

4. Opens Up More Architectural Design Choices and Design Freedom

Due to the fact that steel is strong and flexible by nature, it actually provides a lot more freedom to designers and architects. Long spans of steel can be used across wide spaces without fear of failure, and this means there is more open space possible.

Steel can also be easily shaped into a wide range of shapes that will remain strong. This means an ambitious architect could design an entire interior using nothing but steel beams, providing plenty of open space, and producing a unique look that only steel can provide due to its strength and durability.

5. Incredibly Affordable and Easy to Source

The global steel trade is alive and well. It is very advanced, and steel is mined in many countries where the wholesale price benefits developing economies through free-trade agreements. Unlike more exotic materials, steel is affordable due to its global availability, and is also easy to source.


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