So you’re done with your grocery shopping for the week and you’re ready to put all your food away. You’ve already done spot checks and made sure the food is properly sealed. You’ve done everything you can, right? Not exactly.

Research shows that many food packages are brought home with leaks. This article will show the 4 benefits of using leak detection equipment for food packaging.

1. Lengthen Shelf life

Even a pinhole sized leak in your package can be devastating for the shelf life of your food. Imagine a package of food with a leak, traveling from the warehouse to the grocery store, and finally to your home. Because of that leak, the package is already close to expiration by the time you put it in your pantry or refrigerator. With leak detection equipment, you guarantee that your food will remain fresh throughout its promised shelf-life.

2. Eliminate bacteria growth

Leaks in your food packaging can create the perfect conditions for the growth of harmful bacteria. As your food is exposed to warmth and moisture, the possibility of contamination is increased. This contamination can lead to illnesses like food poisoning, making you and your family very sick. Bacteria can be found everywhere, but it will only concentrate on a food source if it is in an exposed package.

3. Remove odor

Food that smells bad will ruin anyone’s appetite. Certain foods will spoil when exposed to oxygen because of oxidation reactions. This chemical reaction results in a bad odor emanating from your food. Even a subtle odor can mean your food has begun to spoil. By using leak detection equipment, you safeguard your food from having a bad odor before the end of its shelf life.

4. Preserve Flavor

Have you ever taken a bite of some of your recently purchased food only to have it taste a little…off? Preserving the flavor of our food is one of the most important benefits of using leak detection equipment. As the shelf-life of your food declines, so does the flavor. But by having your food sealed properly, the original flavor and quality will remain by the time you eat it. Because it’s not just about how long your food lasts, but how long the quality of your food’s flavor lasts. And by making sure your food is sealed, you also make sure the quality of flavor is sealed in with it.


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