A real estate CRM (client relationship manager) is a system that can help agents keep in touch with people who are going to be selling their home soon. It is the agent’s job to stay in contact with them, answer their questions, and give them selling tips. A CRM makes the process easier. Once configured it sends out automatic emails, cards, and it can send agents reminders to call the prospective seller. Most systems are general, so here are four tips to customize a seller’s CRM to achieve a better response.

1. Do Not Send A CMA

The comparative market analysis (CMA) is dead. Technology allows most sellers to look that data up themselves or at least come up with some ballpark numbers. Instead of the CMA, headline your email with a catchy phrase, such as, “Online values are shockingly off.” Inside the body of the email, write three or four quick reasons why the value is wrong. For example, the websites do not know about the interior customizations, community events that improve the neighborhood, or city or utility rebates. After that, offer to give an opinion of value.

2. Answer Questions Before They Are Asked

A real estate CRM can send out follow-ups for you. Use the tool to standout. Answer questions that you know all sellers eventually ask. Some common questions are, “How much is your fee or commission?” Tell them and explain to them why you are worth it. Show your value. “How long have you been in the business?” If you have not been in the business long, highlight how long your companies been in business. “How long will it take for you to sell my home?” Send out a pre-written letter with some stats from the past year. Update the stats every six months so your information does not become stale.

3. Offer Information For Free

Tell the seller everything without profit in mind. With this technique, an agent usually earns the listing. Send them a free list of inspectors or repair people. Give them a list of all the escrow offices in town with tips on how to select one and what the process will be like for them. Give free interior decorating tips and incorporate photos of cluttered homes and clean homes. The pictures do not have to be yours, but use some examples to start giving the seller some ideas. Use the CRM to give away unique, clever, but still useful information.

4. Keep Them Posted On Their Neighborhood

Every time a property in their subdivision closes, goes up for sale, pends, or falls out of escrow send the seller the data. It lets the seller know that you understand and study their market. Automate some emails about parks, trails, or other recreational activities close to the property. Show them you are the neighborhood expert.


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