The brand names of leak detection equipment will come into play when it comes to locating the best features to suit your testing needs. Below are seven features to look for in great testing equipment.

1. You Need Accuracy

All of the leak detection testing in the world does no good if you cannot always trust the results. Getting a high amount of false negatives makes the equipment useless to a food manufacturer. Consistent, accurate results should be one of the biggest selling points with this type of equipment. For more information, visit Flexpak inc.

2. Uncomplicated to Use

The learning curve for operating leak detection equipment should not be so difficult that it’s nearly impossible to train others how to use it effectively. You want testing equipment that is fast, accurate, and relatively uncomplicated in design. You can then easily train multiple individuals in the process of determining leaks in your food packaging, which is beneficial for multiple shift operation.

3. Reliable Results

You need to feel confident that the equipment you choose will be able to provide the same high level of testing throughout the entire production run. Consistent, quality results are needed for the guarantee of safe food production and packaging.

4. Works for Multiple Packaging Types

Not every type of equipment works for every type of packaging. You might have to use a different method of testing between canned goods and plastic wrapped items. Make sure you get the most versatile possible that handles the varieties of packaging you use.

5. Easy to Maintain

The equipment you purchase for leak testing should be easy to keep clean and come with clear instructions for the scheduling of maintenance and service needs. The better you care for this equipment, the longer it will last and better results it will provide.

6. Affordable to Purchase, Operate and Maintain

Is the total cost of the equipment worthwhile when taking the future costs of operating and maintenance is taken into consideration? Find out what the average costs are associated with the ongoing operation and servicing of the equipment run. It can often help narrow down your choices.

7. Simple Process to Replicate

Replication of testing and gaining results in necessary, especially if you plan to add the equipment to the production line. You need equipment that has the design and capability to do the testing job over and over on demand.

Leak detection equipment can be a costly investment but finding the right testing equipment makes it all worthwhile.


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